Who Says Animals Don’t Have Feelings?

If you have been reading my blog very long, you know that one of our goats has been pregnant for quite some time. A while back, she got out of her pen and had a slight accident, but she seemed as healthy as a horse and we thought everything was okay with her and her pregnancy.

That is, until one morning last week when we went out to the goat pen to find two dead baby goats laying there. Overnight, the momma had delivered twin still-borns.

I was upset because we’ve been anxiously awaiting the first baby goats to be born on our property. We had been taking extremely good care of Momma goat, making sure she had everything she needed to have a happy, healthy pregnancy.

I went inside and got my wife, who works as a nurse at a local hospital. She came out with me and started cleaning up the momma. I went back inside to get some more materials and when I returned to the goat pen, I found my wife bawling her eyes out.

You would think, working in a hospital, my wife would have nerves of steel. That she could bare death. That she could handle emotion. But she was falling apart.

She said Momma Goat had been trying everything she could to revive her babies. She was licking their faces. Then she would try to clean their rear ends. Then she would let our a crying baah sound and then look at my wife as if to say, “Help me. Can’t you do something?”

And then the process would start all over again. That momma goat cried all day long, grieving the loss of her twins. Who says animals don’t have feelings?

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about this situation and about how similar God must feel when His children choose to be dead spiritually. What a tragedy! If a goat can show that much emotion, how must the Almighty God feel when His children go astray? Sometimes, just like that goat, it starts off by an accident — sometimes a single slip can cause irreparable damage, even it’s not obvious at first.

May I encourage you to live for God every day. Don’t skip out on a single church service. Don’t skip out on a single day of reading your Bible. Don’t skip out on a single opportunity of prayer. All it takes is one slip to send you in the direction just the opposite of where God wants you to be. Don’t break God’s heart.


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