Stand Still and Let God Work It Out

A week ago or so I had the wonderful opportunity to visit a church a couple of hours from my home. We’ve been friends with the pastor and his wife for several years now, but hadn’t had a chance to visit for quite some time.

They have been meeting in a storefront they have been renting for several years now, but have recently been blessed with the opportunity to purchase 7 acres of bare land on which they plan to build a larger church. Right now, the building they’re in holds approximately 80 people and they’re planning to build a church that will hold 300.

Now for the exciting part!

The pastor was telling us about an exciting event that God just worked out for them.

Right next door to the property they purchased is a very nicely kept vacant building. The pastor and his wife had talked on multiple occasions about how nice it would be if their church could somehow move out of the storefront and into that building right beside of their newly acquired property.

One afternoon, they were driving by and saw a car sitting out front so they decided it couldn’t hurt to ask. They drove up, knocked on the door, and the owner came out. He too was a Christian.

The pastor told him about his and his wife’s conversation and it turned out the owner was a Christian as well. He said, “You think this building would work for a church?”

The pastor said he was certain it would. The owner then offered to rent it to them for $3,000 per month. Only accustomed to paying $1200 per month for the other house, the pastor told him they couldn’t afford to go that high.

A couple of days later, the property owner called the pastor and said he and his wife had been praying and they felt like God wanted them to rent it out to the church for only $1,600 per month. Better yet, he gave them the first year’s worth of rent absolutely free because he knew they were planning to remodel it to make it more suitable for a church.

That’s not all! The pastor then told the man he was wondering if it would be possible for them to buy the building. The man is strongly considering that option at this time and may even sell it to them on a lease-to-own basis.

So I ask you. What is that mountain you’re seeking? Is anything so big God cannot give it to you?

I’ll let you in on a little secret. My wife and I have been praying for God to give us a certain mountain like that as well. We’re waiting to see if it’s in God’s will and if He does, we’ll definitely be bragging on the LORD for His blessings.

If you too are asking God for a miracle and you’re comfortable asking us to pray with you about that miracle, please comment below. We would love to pray with you!


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