Only 6 Days Left To Join My Team

One week or so ago, I told you about the Revenge Fires Back Book Launch Team I am putting together in order to promote a new Christian novel (or should I say a newly revised and greatly improved novel?)

I have been greatly encouraged by those who have already applied to join the team, but I am still looking for a few more team members. Would you like to be one of them?

All you have to do is help me get word out about the second edition of Revenge Fires Back. 

So you don’t have to rush over to my website just yet, let me give you a quick synopsis of the book to see if it’s one you might be interested in.

First, I’d like to tell you the the book’s inspiration. I was a foster parent for seven years and during that time, I saw a lot! The good, the bad, and a whole lot of ugly! Toward the end of my fostering days, I decided I wanted to do something about what I was seeing, but I was afraid to lose my license to foster. After all, the state had already threatened to remove my license after I publicly stood up to them in a courtroom once before.

I decided to tackle it via means of a novel. Wasn’t that a creative idea?

So in a nutshell, here’s what you’ll find in Revenge Fires Back.

Brady and Derrick Clark go on a camping trip with their parents. A horrible storm comes in and knocks a tree down on top of the family’s van. That’s when a nightmare unfolds. Their mother, who didn’t want to go camping to begin with and who pleaded to go home as soon as the storm hit, wanders into the woods to cool off. She lets out a horrific scream and the rest of her family, along with a friend who had tagged along on the trip, go searching for her. Later on, the boys get themselves in some serious hot water – boys will be boys, right? Their dad decides it’s far beyond time to lay down the law and Brady and Derrick don’t like it one bit. They make up false allegations and get themselves removed from their parents’ custody. They wind up in foster care where they find out that foster care isn’t exactly the bed of roses they were hoping for. When they decide to come clean because they want to return home, their social worker doesn’t believe they’re telling the truth. She insists they just miss their parents and are lying in order to force reunification.

Like you could expect from any of my other writings, this book is 100% free from foul language.

Sound like a book you would be interested in helping launch in exchange for receiving a free autographed paperback copy?

Visit my website to see who I’m looking to add to my team. If you think you can fill those shoes, fill out the online application and we’ll go from there.

Thanks and May God Bless You!




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