Weight Roller Coaster

Recently a relative who hasn’t seen me for a while saw a video I posted on my author page on Facebook. After seeing it, they told me they would like to see an updated body shot of me because the face shot seen in my recent pictures and on the video made it appear as if I’ve gained 100 pounds.

The sad truth is, I have been putting on some pounds – not 100, but some pounds nonetheless. But that’s nothing new. That’s something I’ve done on and off for quite some time. I gain until I get to the point where I am frustrated with myself. Then, I cut down on how big of portions I eat and I lose weight again.

It’s a process. A process I’m tired of repeating. Earlier in life, I could eat as much as I wanted to and never gain a pound. Then I turned 30! Wow, how things have changed!

But that’s beside the point. What can be learned from this? Well, for starters, that I have the willpower to cut back on how much I eat when I can see the weight coming off. But once I feel like I have my weight under control, I start making the same poor eating choices as before and my weight begins increasing again.

Do you know how similar that is to our spiritual state? How often do we beg God to do some favor for us and promise to serve Him more in return? We do keep our word. We become more faithful to reading our Bibles, more faithful to church, more faithful to prayer. We stick with it for a while.

Then, once things settle down, that all goes out the window. Been there. Done that. How about you?

It’s not something I’m proud of. I’m far from being a perfect person. I want to grow closer to God and stay close to Him the way I want to lose weight and keep it off.

Here I go again. Starting now… I’m going to try to work on both. Watching how much I eat and watching how much time I spend doing what God wants me to do.

I challenge you to do the same. Are you willing to accept the challenge?


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