Bad Habits Are Hard To Break

Do you know what I hate? Bad habits! Do you know why? Because they sometimes seem impossible to break. Take chewing on your shirt for example. Try to stop doing that!

What, you don’t chew on your shirt? Surely you’re not thinking I’m weird because I do, right?

Well, I don’t always do it. I try not to in public.

Make me feel a little better by sharing one of your weird bad habits in the comment section below. Come on. Don’t be shy. I told you about mine! I double dog dare you to share yours!

The Bible teaches us that none of us have ever had a temptation that is not common to man. Perhaps we should all write that Bible verse down on paper and pin it up somewhere where we’ll see it on a regular basis. Perhaps we should pray and ask for God’s deliverance.

Do you think God can help me stop chewing on my shirt? Of course you do, right? What about your bad habit? Can God help you break it? Of course He can.

Let’s have faith the side of a grain of mustard seed and see what bad habits and temptations we can conquer. If you would like me to pray with you about some habit you’re trying to break, please feel free to comment below. You don’t really have to tell me what your habit it – God knows all about it. But I do promise to pray for you if you ask me to.



    1. Congratulations on kicking the habit! Both of my parents were cigarette smokers who kicked the habit before I was born 30 odd years ago and have been tobacco free ever since. I have never smoked a cigarette so I don’t know how strong that particular addiction is, but I know the God who is able to sustain you.

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