God Created All Creatures Big & Small

Saturday, I decided to take a break from working on Revenge Fires Back, the sequel to Hidden in Harmony, my online college courses, studying for sermons, blogging, and everything else that seems to be occupying my time these days to go out and enjoy a little bit of God’s creation.

I drove about an hour and a half to visit the National Bison Range on the first day the entire drive was open for the season. I was pleasantly surprised to find several buffalo relaxing next to the entrance and quickly found several more as I ascended the hill in my mini-van.

Shortly thereafter, I came upon a cute little antelope and of course I saw several of my favorite species of bird – magpies.

After completing the drive, I decided to take a pit stop – stopping by the picnic area just below the bison range.

It was there where I had the opportunity to see the biggest elk I’ve had the opportunity to see in the wild – and to be closer to him than I ever thought possible. I believe he was an eight point – monster bull elk!

I pulled the van onto a side road and pulled up alongside him. Another car saw what I was doing and pulled onto another road, coming toward him from a different direction. Having two vehicles coming toward him from different directions spooked him a bit. He jumped, spun, and trotted off just a little ways before stopping to graze some more. I was able to get several good photos of him. Gorgeous thing!

Anyway, isn’t it amazing to think about how God created every animal ever known to man? What a creative, awesome God we serve!


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