The Devil Wants Everybody Grumpy

When I was a child, I learned a song that went something like, “Jesus wants everybody happy, happy, happy, He doesn’t want anybody sad. But, the devil wants everybody grumpy, grumpy, grumpy, he doesn’t want anybody glad.”

In your life, who is getting what they want—Jesus or that ole devil?

It’s easy sometimes to get in a rut of dwelling on anything and everything we don’t enjoy about life: screaming kids in supermarkets, the government making foolish decisions, the neighbor not mowing their lawn often enough, too much rain, etc.

Can you relate?

Sometimes we do this to ourselves and sometimes we become guilty of it by association. That’s right—sometimes we choose to hang out with Negative Nellies. In other words, we befriend people who either have a history of having a pessimistic attitude about everything in life or who, for whatever reason, tend to bring out our negative sides.

My advice: stay as far away from those individuals as possible.

Let’s challenge ourselves this week to not get grumpy—no matter what! Let’s honor Jesus and toss that ole devil to the curb.

Instead of being down in the dumps, let’s think about the good things in life: the people who make us smile, the freedoms we still have, the talents God has given us, our families, our health, etc.

Who’s with me?


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