Train Your Child To Fail

From time to time, we have the opportunity to visit other churches of like faith. In so doing, I recently had the opportunity to observe a situation which really spoke to my heart about how careful we should always be about how we, as adults, choose to behave.

There is a teenager I have seen at a couple of different churches now, without his/her parents. That teenager always refuses to sing along with congregational hymns, refuses to open a Bible to follow along when a pastor is preaching, and appears to have no interest in anything going on at church.

Recently, I came across the same teenager in a service where his/her family was present as well. When the first congregational song was announced, the teenager and several adults with him/her stood to his/her feet with a hymn book in hand. By the second verse of the song, one of the adults in the group chose to sit down. Then another adult. Then another. Then the teenager.

When the other songs were sung, none of the aforementioned opened a hymn book. One of the adults did open a Bible and followed along during the preaching, but not the others.

Although it is difficult to make an accurate assessment after making a one-time observation, it would appear that the reason this teenager never engages in church settings is because that is the example he has been taught by his family – not by their words, but by their actions.

It makes you wonder how different that young life would be had they been shown a better example. I know, there I go judging again. Shame on me!

Please be careful what you say and how you act. Little eyes are watching you. Eventually those little eyes will become big eyes and you will wish you had made better choices.


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