Books, movies, profanity, and nudity

On my newly created Facebook author page, I recently posed a question. I asked if I was the only one who believes television programs, movies, and books can be highly successful without the aid of profanity, nudity, and other forms of immorality. The results were surprising! 95 people liked the post, there were 18 comments, and 18 shares – all of the feedback was in agreement with my thoughts.

For years, when I have tried to abstain from movies containing vulgar language and immoral ideas, I have been made fun of by others who do not share my convictions. I have been asked if I only watch animated movies or how I can watch anything at all.

I’ve been told that books and movies aren’t realistic unless the characters speak the same way the rest of society speaks. What are your thoughts? Do you prefer books and movies that abstain from foul language and ungodliness or does it not bother you?

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