Do You Ever Feel Like You’re In The Ark?

Yesterday morning, from where I stood directing the congregational singing, I could see people walking down the street across from our church.

I tried to focus on what I was doing, but for whatever reason they kept distracting me. In my mind, I began comparing God’s House to Noah’s ark.

Inside the walls of our church stood a small number of individuals whose souls have been ransomed from the fires of Hell by the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Through the windows, people could be seen hanging out and doing their own thing – without a concern in the world about the things of God.

I’m not saying all of those folks I saw were lost. It’s not my place to judge a person’s heart. Only God knows who has believed and accepted His free gift of salvation and who hasn’t. I do know, that for me, as a born again child of God, I have a desire to fellowship with my brothers and sisters in Christ. I have a desire to hear the Word of God preached. I have a desire to hear His name exalted. I love being in His House. But that’s just me. Everyone is different, right?

As I glanced out the church’s window, I couldn’t help but to think about those lost individuals that are on their way to Hell. I thought about how Noah must have felt when he and his family boarded the ark with all of those animals. He had to have recognized that the entire population outside of that ark was going to be destroyed – whether or not they believed it. How horrifying!

Isn’t that the same way the Christian ought to feel as we go into church? Shouldn’t we be thinking about how the majority of folks within a stone’s throw of the church house don’t know Christ? About how their souls will be in an eternal place of torment?

Noah must have felt blessed to know he had found grace in the eyes of the Lord, but broken hearted for the folks who had rejected the things of God. That, my brethren, is how we ought to feel – blessed to be a part of the family of God, but broken hearted for those whose eyes are still blinded to the truth.

Now the question is… what are we going to do about those folks who haven’t gotten on the ark yet? Are we going to let them drown or are we going to do everything in our power to get them to board the ark with us?


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