We’re Going To Have A Baby

We realize it’s traditional for couples to notify their immediate family members and closest friends before they announce it publicly, but who said we are a traditional couple? I mean, face it, people are changing, so why can’t we just announce it to everyone at one time? Maybe you can help us come up with suggestions as to what we should name the little one that’s on the way.

By the time you have gotten this far in my blog, there are probably quite a few thoughts going through your mind. I hope one of those thoughts includes the fact that I might not be talking about a human baby. Our goat, Sha’zaam is expecting. We think she’s probably going to have her baby around the middle of April. So yes, we are going to have a baby, just not the kind you were probably thinking of.

You see, April Fools Day is coming up and if we waited until then to announce this, you would have figured us out. So Happy Early April Fool’s Day to you! You have been had!

(For those who are wondering, we would like to have a baby – or two – or three – whatever God decides to give us. We are just waiting on His divine timing)

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