How Genuine Was The Pope’s Apology?

This morning, a headline in the Huffington Post caught my eye. It said Pope Francis had asked forgiveness for the role the Catholic Church played in the Rwandan Genocide in 1994. Having recently studied the history of the Catholic Church, I was curious as to what type of an apology was offered.

If you study out Catholicism, you will find out that between 75 and 80 popes in a row were in favor of persecuting all of those who disagreed with Catholicism. I’m talking about severe forms of torture – stretching people out on racks so far that their bones broke, scourging people so badly their ligaments were hanging out, beheading folks, burning down homes of Christian families with the people still inside them, bounding people to stakes and burning them alive, injuring their feet with nails and then forcing them to walk over sharp objects, strapping them down to chairs covered with nails – forcing nails into their backs, backsides, legs, etc, putting people inside of animal skins and throwing them to wild beasts for the entertainment of other Catholics, and more. It went on for approximately 19 centuries! Pope, after pope, after pope approved of this type of behavior. Today, the Catholic Church refers to that time period as the Golden Era whereas other folks call it the Devil’s Millenium.

Hearing that a pope apologized, I couldn’t wait to hear what he had to say. According to the article,

“The Vatican indicated that some catholic priests and nuns “succumbed to hatred and violence, betraying their own evangelical mission, by partaking in the genocide.”

The wording of this so-called apology frustrates me immensely. It’s like the Vatican is saying “We apologize because some of the people under us did crazy, warped things.” That is not the case! The Vatican has a 19-century history of terrorizing those who refused to worship Mary or who refused to accept the Apocrypha or infant baptism. The Popes made the decrees for centuries – trying to make it illegal for a person to believe the true Word of God. Where is the true apology? Not one blaming the laymen, but one condemning the acts of the Popes of whose examples these priests and nuns were following?

It has been estimated that over 5 million people were tortured as a result of standing up for their beliefs – at the hands of the Catholic Church. So yes, it is nice that Pope Francis apologized for what the laymen did in Rwanda, but what about what they did throughout the rest of the world during those first 19 centuries? Where is that apology?

I know some of you are going to say I have no right to judge. I have no business stating my opinion on this matter, right? If you feel that way, perhaps you should study your Bible a little bit closer! 

I believe Christians everywhere ought to be wary of the Catholic Church. I firmly believe Some Things Are Worth Fighting For! and sometimes the truth needs to be spoken.




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