Hacksaw Ridge: A Short, Conservative Review

A few days ago someone gave us the DVD version of Hacksaw Ridge. When I had seen the movie advertised, I must admit it caught my attention. Most of the newer Christian movies that come out all seem to revolve around either sports or romance. The idea of a Christian-based war movie appealed to me. I was ecstatic to receive the DVD and this evening, I finally managed to find enough free time to sit down and watch it.

So, here’s my review, as a conservative Christian.

The Goodchild-950997_1280

The storyline was wonderful. A young, Christian man by the name of Desmond Ross stands up for his beliefs. He does not believe in killing, but he does believe in standing up for his country. He joins the service as a medic and proves that just because a person backs away from violence does not necessarily make that person a coward. He, in fact, becomes a hero despite the way he was initially mistreated by the army. I believe Hacksaw Ridge is a motivational/inspirational movie as far as encouraging people to stand up for what they believe is right, even if they have to stand alone.

The Badman-438076_1280

When I think of a Christian movie, I expect the film to be free of foul language. I suspected there might be a little bit of language because it was a war movie, but the cursing wasn’t only limited to things that occurred in the army. I felt the foul language could have easily been left out altogether and it would not have taken anything away from the movie (other than take away the worldliness of it.)


The Uglynausea-1876470_1920

Early into the movie, Desmond and his brother get into a fist fight and Desmond takes a brick and slams it in his brother’s face, knocking him unconscious. In today’s society, so many young people watch movies and decide to reenact what they see. I think it was distasteful and unnecessary to show this in the film. In the first army scene, a naked man is shown doing pull-ups. Even though there is no frontal nudity, his behind is clearly shown several times. Again, when I think of a Christian film, I don’t expect to see nudity. Reference is also made to the man’s testicles. Again, this part of the film could have easily been left out and the film would have been outstanding.

My Recommendation

If you do not have strong, conservative values, you would probably really enjoy Hacksaw Ridge.  It is action-packed, sometimes funny, and will keep you on the edge of your seat. If, however, you try to avoid films with strong language, nudity, gore, and/or crude humor, this film is definitely not for you.

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