What’s Up With Christianophobes?

Many people in America have never heard the term Christianophobia. It’s a very real thing. Don’t believe me? You know how to use Bing and Google, right? Check it out!

Have you ever went out trying to witness to people about the saving power of Jesus Christ? If so, you know what it’s like to walk up to a house just to see the curtains draw shut, hear the television shut off, and have the residents pretend they aren’t home. I used to believe that was because people feared we were Jehovah Witnesses or Mormons. You know, the folks who go back to the same house over and over again in short periods of time? (Recently, one showed up at our house and asked if she could come inside to show us a video.)

Recently, I was thinking about some of the folks I have tried to witness to in the past – whether it be while door-knocking or just talking to co-workers or random people I have met in different places.

I remember handing my cash along with a gospel tract to a female toll collector a couple of years ago. She took the money and pushed the tract back toward me and said “I will take your money, but I will not take THAT.”

Thinking she just didn’t understand what I was giving her, I said, “It’s just a gospel tract, Ma’am. I thought you might want something to read if things slow down in a little while.”

I pushed it back toward her and she got angry. She said “I told you I don’t want THAT!” The look on her face was one of anger, frustration, and yes, there was a good possibility she was a Christianophobe.

I think back to a former supervisor who would ask me what my beliefs were. When I would open up my Bible to show it to him, his face would turn red and he would say, in almost a yell, “Get that thing away from me!”

Last summer, I knocked on an apartment door. A man in a wheelchair opened it and as soon as he saw my Bible, said, “No, I don’t want to come to your church.”

I had never been to his apartment before. I said something like, “Sir, can I ask you a question? Do you know for sure if you died today, that you would go to Heaven?”

Around that time, his dog ran out the door. The man ignored me and angrily took his dog and went inside, slamming the door behind him. That man didn’t know me from Adam. He didn’t like me simply because I was a Christian. Or was he afraid of me? Did he suffer from Christianophobia?

So what causes Christianophobia? I’m sure there are plenty of opinions on the matter. I can’t share anyone else’s. I’m just going to take a stab at it based upon things I have seen and heard over the years.

First, let me ask you… why do you think Stephen was stoned? Why do you think people wanted to kill Jesus? Why do you think John the Baptist was beheaded?

Christian people have not been appreciated or respected since Bible times. It seems to me it is because of a simple little word – conviction. Have you ever been around someone who seemed to have a lot of talent in an area you wish you were talented in? Have you found yourself getting a bit frustrated when you try and try and try to master a skill and that person picks it up naturally with no effort whatsoever? Did you go to school with anyone who could ace any mid-term they wanted to without even studying? How well did you like that person? How about teachers’ or supervisors’ pets?

Lost people that suffer from Christianophobia aren’t necessarily afraid of what the Christian will do to them. The presence of the Christian, the words the Christian speaks, the life the Christian lives convicts them. It makes them realize Heaven and Hell are real. It makes them realize we can’t all live our lives any way that we feel like living them. Well, we can and people do, but that isn’t the right way to do things. We have a Creator whom we are supposed to respect and honor. A Creator who taught us what is right and what is wrong. A Creator who rewards those who honor His will and who will pronounce judgment on those who refuse.

In other words, Christianophobia – the thing that causes Christians to be rejected from society – isn’t so much that Christians are bad people. It’s more that people who have not yet had their sins forgiven don’t want to think about their sins. They don’t want to worry about their life after death. They would prefer to just continue their lives in sin without giving any thought as to how that will affect them later. Being around Christians scares them because it makes them realize they might be mistaken and they would rather keep their eyes closed than have that possibility enlighten them.





  1. This is a really great post, and the last paragraph really sums up everything extremely well. I agree with you. I have never heard the word “Christianophobe” or “Christianophobic” but they definitely name and describe a reality.

    Here is my question, what I’m pondering, and you may or may not have any insight about this, but I think it’s worth asking…We hear “Islamophobic” lot in the news and media. How is a “Christianophobe” different from an “Islamophobe”? I have a feeeling that they are different, but I can’t quite put that into words. Just wondering.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your experiences here. It’s tough trying to rescue people who don’t want to be rescued.

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    1. My personal feeling is they are the same, yet completely different. Some people are afraid of those affiliated with Christanity and other people are afraid of those affiliated with Islam. The difference is people are afraid of Christians because they don’t want to be reminded of their sins. People are afraid of Islamists because there have been so many terrorist attacks on behalf of people affiliated with Islam. In other words, Christianity is feared because people don’t want to be reminded God exists, but Islamists are feared because people are afraid of being killed for not joining that religion.

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  2. I think that your perceived reason of why people reject your evangelism is just a tad bit off. It’s not so much that you make me believe in a creator or in heaven or hell and feel convicted, but that your witnessing to me is the millionth time that I have had a Christian try to force their beliefs down my throat. If you are so sure that God exists and wants to save me, it is best to respect my views and allow your God to do the work to change me, as that would be his job, not yours.


    1. I hate to tell you this, but it is actually God who tells me what my job is, not an atheist. Matthew 28:19 tells me to “Go therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:” When I go further into the scriptures, I find Romans 10:14 that says “How then shall they call on him whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?” I personally think it’s wonderful that you’ve heard the gospel a million times. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve chosen to reject it. I have nothing against you. I have no ill will against you whatsoever. I used to be lost as well. There was a time when I did not understand the truths of the Bible – times when it made no sense to me. I was lost and if I would have died at that time, I would have split Hell wide open. I would hate for that to happen to you today. We never know when we are going to breathe our last breaths. I respect you as a human being. If my neighbor’s house was on fire and I respected them, and I went to tell them their house was burning and they didn’t listen to me… it wouldn’t be respecting them for me to just walk away and let their house burn down with them inside. It would be respecting them to go into that house and rescue them, even if they didn’t realize it was on fire. That, my friend, is what Christians are doing for you. They see that you are going to spend an eternity burning in Hell and you don’t realize it. They’re trying and trying and trying to get your attention. God is using those folks to try to talk to you. You can keep ignoring them. You can keep rejecting God. But at some point – and it may not be until after physical death – the Bible says in Romans 14:11 “For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.” But if you choose to not accept God while living physically, when you do confess that He is God, He will reply with “Depart from me, ye that work iniquity” (Matthew 7:23) and it will be too late for you.


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