Daddy’s Boy

Sometimes children can be quite cruel and sometimes that is added to by well-meaning adults. How often do we hear and use words that describe children as being either a Daddy’s Boy/Daddy’s Girl or a Momma’s Boy/Momma’s Girl? For whatever reason, it’s okay for a girl to be a Momma’s Girl or a Daddy’s Girl, but for boys it’s a different

A Daddy’s Boy is usually thought of as being all boy. He likes to fish, hunt, play football, wrestle, go camping, and climb trees. He’s thought of as tough, stubborn, and somewhat of a lady’s man. People say he looks like his dad and for him, there is no greater compliment.

mother-53214_640A Momma’s Boy on the other hand is thought of as being a little on the sensitive side. He enjoys cleaning the house, going shopping, cooking, and decorating. He’s thought of as being emotional, weak, and lacking the ability to bond with his male peers as well as with adult men. Even though he loves his Momma as he should, he hates the title he has been given (even though he will never tell you so).

Boys take great offense in being called a Momma’s Boy. Boys want to be thought of as being manly. Be careful what words you use when describing children.

As I was thinking on this topic, I couldn’t help but to think about what a strong bond a Daddy’s Boy typically has with his earthly father. From a young age, he learns to be a man by following in his daddy’s footsteps. He wants to go to work with Dad, hang out with his dad and his dad’s friends, to hear his dad say “I’m proud of you, son,” and just to know his dad accepts him for who he is. He looks forward to Daddy coming home from work so he can tell him all about his day. It’s a good relationship. There are times when Daddy has to correct his son, but Daddy’s Boy loves him anyway.

Do you know what is missing in America today?

Well, lots of things are missing, but there is one in particular I’m thinking of right now. It’s Father’s Boys. No, I’m not talking about boys who belong to catholic priests. I’m talking about boys and men having a close-knit relationship with their Heavenly Father. Boys and men who follow in the footsteps of their Heavenly Father. Boys and men who can’t wait to get down on their knees to have a conversation with the Father, who enjoy reading the Bible to hear from Him, who enjoy going to His house every time they have an opportunity, who try to please and honor the Father in everything they do.

I want to be a Father’s Boy. How about you? Do you want to be a Father’s Boy or a Father’s Girl? Do you want to know your Father in Heaven is proud of you? Do you want to bring a smile to His face? Do you want to spend more time with Him?

Sometimes we all tend to stray a little bit. Biological and adopted children stray away from their parents as well. But when they do, it means the world to parent to get a phone call that says, “I miss you. I love you. Can we spend some time together?”

When is the last time you got in touch with your Father? The last time you told Him you miss having a close relationship with Him? The last time you cried on His shoulder? The dawn-1868418_1280.jpglast time you felt His warm embrace?

Perhaps it’s time for you to do that now. Time to have a little chat with the Father? How about it? What’s holding you back?

If this blog touched you, don’t put it off another minute. If you say, “I’ll pray in a little while,” or “I’ll read my Bible in the morning,” you won’t do it. Do it now! Draw in close to the Father.

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