What Have You Been Looking At?

Monday evening as I was scrolling through Facebook, something odd popped up on my screen. A young man I know who got married not too long ago had clicked “like” on an inappropriate blurry image of a female. There was a caption above the picture saying to click “like” and then see what would happen to the picture after you clicked it. In other words, the idea behind the caption was to make people believe if they clicked “like,” they could see a very dirty picture of a female. Wow! I thought. I bet that guy doesn’t realize that when he clicks “like” on something like that, it shows up in the newsfeeds of all of his Facebook friends, including his wife.

I was trying to decide whether or not I should write a blog post about what I saw. I started not to for fear of embarrassing that young man if he sees this blog post. However, within ten minutes of seeing that post, a Bible verse was brought to my attention from another source that had absolutely nothing to do with that post.

David said in Psalm 101:3, “I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: I hate the work of them that turn aside; it shall not cleave to me.”

David was wise in making that decision, wasn’t he? Perhaps he made a better decision than the young man who clicked “like” to try to clear up that blurry, wicked image of a scantily dressed female. Perhaps he made a better decision than you have recently made. What have you been setting before your eyes? What have you been looking at?

This afternoon, over on the right hand side of my Facebook page was a suggestion that I join a group. The group was about nasty, disgusting things. It said it had been suggested because one of my Facebook friends was already a member of the group. I looked to see who it was. It wasn’t the same person who clicked “like” on the other image. It still surprised me though. Apparently, this individual didn’t realize that the groups he’s apart of will advertise themselves, with his name attached, to the people he is friends with on Facebook.

Perhaps you know better than to click “like” on an inappropriate picture or to join an inappropriate group on Facebook. Maybe you already realize that every one of your friends would see that. Are you more sneaky than that? I have news for you – God still sees it! He knows exactly what you have been looking at.

Psalm 139 tells us God knows when we sit down and when we stand up. He knows what words we say, where we go, what we’re doing when we’re all alone, and even knew us before we were born. How about that? (There goes the theory that unborn children are just a ball of tissue that can be exterminated freely without hurting anyone, right?)

Do you know there are more wicked things than just pornography that a person can set before his or her eyes? That’s right! What’s on  your television set? What kind of movies do you watch? What or who do you look at when you’re walking through Wal-Mart or the mall? What activities do you watch your friends take part in?

Can I encourage you to follow David’s example. Make a sound decision to set no wicked thing before your eyes – not today, not tomorrow, not ever!


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