One Religion Is Being Taught In Public Schools & It’s Not Christianity

If the local high school in your district suddenly announced they were going to start teaching Christianity in a required class, what would happen? The ACLU would be up in arms, wouldn’t they?

“How dare you try to teach something that is based on a belief system!” They would say.

I have been watching some videos from Kent Hovind’s Creation Seminar this week. His videos are a stark reminder of what is going on in the public school system.

Most Science teachers in public schools refuse to teach Creationism. Why? Because it’s belief-based. Christians believe the earth was created by God. We believe man was formed from the dust of the ground by God. We believe God created the sun and the stars. That, they say, is not Science. That is religion.

Now wait a minute! What is Evolution? It is a belief system, just like Christianity is. Where Christians BELIEVE God created everything a little less than 5,000 years ago, Scientists BELIEVE everything was formed by a big bang millions of years ago. Christians BELIEVE God created man and animals to exist with each other at the same time. Scientists BELIEVE some species of animals died out years before humans came into existence. Christians BELIEVE God’s Word is true and Scientists BELIEVE the public school Science textbooks are true.

Why is the belief of Creationism considered a religion when the belief of Evolution is considered Science? They won’t teach the belief of Creationism in high school, but they’ll teach the belief of Evolutionism to first graders.

Some Christians fail to understand why this battle is important, but it is very important. Evolution makes kids that there is no God. They teach them they weren’t created by the Almighty God, but that chemicals smashed together to create them. Evolution is destroying the minds of America’s children. It is tearing them away from God and making it harder for them to believe what their parents and Sunday School teachers are teaching them. It is helping send thousands upon thousands of people to Hell by making it difficult for them to trust Jesus as their Savior.

Did you know it is legal for teachers to use the Bible to teach Creationism in class? They can indeed! Do you know why they don’t? Because they’ve been brainwashed to believe they’ll face a lawsuit if they do. Did you know you can have your children excused from being taught Evolution? You can indeed! The problem is, most people in our society do not know the laws and they don’t know what freedoms exist.

If you have never watched any of Kent Hovind’s videos, check them out!

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