Why Are Some People So Determined To Only Use The KJV Bible?

I stumbled across this article a little while ago and had to share it with my readers. Follow the link below to read the original post.


People often remark that the new Bibles do not change God’s Word, they just say the same thing in a different manner. But is that statement true or false?

via Are There Corrupting Changes In The New Bible Versions? — Let’s Get It Right!


  1. Thanks for sharing this. The KJV is my favorite and preferred. I read the post you referenced, and although I do agree, I do think that the point may have been made more strongly by examining the definitions of the original Hebrew and Greek. Just my opinion though, and like I said the KJV is what I like best for my personal reading and studying.


  2. I understand what you’re saying. In my opinion, the guy who wrote the article didn’t dive into that because there are too few people who understand Greek or Hebrew and who wouldn’t have necessarily taken his word for what it said. I have had people in the past question me about different beliefs who have said, “well, but you don’t know what the Hebrew or Greek said,” but then I look it up for them – not that I know Hebrew or Greek, but I use e-sword, a free program online that has features that will tell you what the Hebrew or Greek words our Bible was translated from and their original meanings. So far, every time I have done so, the King James has lined up 100% with the Hebrew and Greek and when I have provided them with the original words and meanings, I usually get a confused expression. That expression says, “Uh… I don’t know what else to say? How I can I prove you wrong now?” So I definitely understand what you’re saying. It makes it more clear to know what the meanings are, but I also understand why he didn’t go there. If anyone would be interested in getting esword, visit http://www.e-sword.net/ to download your free copy.


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