Me Offended? (repost)

I read this in a friend’s blog and had to share. I believe we all need to take time to think about what offends us and why we allow it to bother us. I too recall a time in my life when I was frequently upset with others and looking back I regret choosing to be offended.


I spent a lot of my youth being offended about something.  Much of my early married years I walked in a cloud of hurt feelings and resentment. Thanks to a faithful pastor who wasn’t afraid to speak the truth to me, I began to understand the underlying reason why I was so easily offended.

The present day church is plagued by many problems…as many problems as individual people can have. Of all the sin issues that tarnish and hurt the church today, I believe that being easily offended is one of the most dangerous.

Often people have changed churches frequently looking for a soft spot where there will be nothing hurtful or offensive. Sometimes people leave church altogether because someone hurt them with their words or their actions. Churches are split, pastors are discouraged, marriages are dulled, children are spiritually stunted because people like you and me are too easily offended.


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