The Biblical Definition of a Deaconess

Have you ever been to a church that has deaconesses? I have only been to two and both times, I had to wonder where they found that in the Bible. Then, last night, I read something about the topic so I decided to do some research on it and share my findings with you.


Happy Is The Man That Hath His Quiver Full

Children are an heritage of the Lord. The Bible says the man that hath his quiver full is a happy man. Do you believe that? I do! Babies are miracles from God that ought to be loved and cherished.

So… I Had To Sleep On The Couch Last Night

When a man and woman fall in love and get married, why is it the men always end up being the ones to sleep on the couch? Have you ever thought about it? I mean, our society teaches that men and women should be co-equal in everything. They say the wife should not have to submit to her husband and the husband should not have to submit to his wife. Yet we never hear of women sleeping on the couch after a fight. Hmmm?